We started our farm in 2018. In 2019, we purchased five acres in Sunshine Valley with a house, garage, and a few small, rundown outbuildings. With the help of some friends, we moved our chicken coop, all of the chickens, geese, and what few goats we had. Since then our farm has grown with the help of friends, neighbors, and fellow farmers who are generous with their knowledge and support.

Our farm has now grown to have many goats, 60+ chickens, a donkey, sheep, geese, alpacas, and our sweet, friendly dogs who will most likely be the enthusiastic greeting party when you come through the gate. We have also expanded to include another property down the road with greenhouses and a market to sell local food and products from regional producers.

We have milk, cheese, eggs, vegetables, lamb, and fiber products available at various times of the year. Contact us to learn more about availability, milk shares, or plugging in with other farmers in the area!

We strive to keep our work equity-focused, and therefore wish to include all of you as our community in ensuring we can collectively provide food to those who need it. If you would like to pay a little extra than the suggested price, that money goes directly to getting food to someone else who needs it. If you need food, no need to tell us, please just take what you need! During the peak agricultural season, each week we donate a set percentage of farm revenue to BIPOC farms/nonprofits working to address structural barriers and inequities for BIPOC farmers. If you wish to donate, as well, we include links to do so directly on our social media, or you can give extra through your purchases!

We have a lot of work to do--both here on this land and in how we understand justice and equity in food systems--we hope you'll join us.