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Community Supported Agriculture (aka CSA) has multiple roots, one crucial one being the work of Dr. Booker T. Whatley, a Black sustainable farming pioneer. He advocated for “Pick Your Own” farms and “Clientele Membership Clubs” that allowed folks to form deeper connections to farms, whilst providing farmers with a guaranteed market. The Clientele Membership Club formed the basis for the CSA we know today.

CSAs take many different forms; the key point is that CSA members (or shareholders) buy into the farm, paying a predetermined price (often paid out at the beginning of the season). In return, they receive regular boxes (or shares) of farm produce and opportunities to connect to the farmers and other members. This allows farmers to predict income for the year and plan more efficiently. Furthermore, it creates a community of people with buy-in into the farm, where we all share in the risks and rewards of the farm season. 

What it means to us is that we get to experience the joy of sharing our love of the land and the privilege of our land access with the community, creating regular touchpoints that allow us to build relationships, feed people, support our passions, and continue the land stewardship we hold so dearly.

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Details about the 2023 CSA Membership Coming Soon!

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Opportunities for Mutual Aid

Mutual aid is when everyday people get together to meet each other’s needs, with the shared understanding that the systems we live in are not meeting our needs and that we can meet them together, right now, without having to pressure power structures to do the right thing. Mutual aid is an idea and practice that is based on the principles of direct action, cooperation, mutual understanding, and solidarity. Mutual aid is not charity, but the building and continuing of new social relations where people give what they can and get what they need, outside of unjust systems of power.

By contributing to our mutual aid shares, you are helping provide food to local community members who may not otherwise be able to access affordable, local food.

If you would like to contribute please write the check to Michael Schmidt and send to Michael Schmidt, Virsylvia Farm, HC 81 Box 640, Questa, NM, 87556. Please make it clear that the check is for mutual aid. Thank you so much!

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