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Community Supported Agriculture (aka CSA) has multiple roots, one crucial one being the work of Dr. Booker T. Whatley, a Black sustainable farming pioneer. He advocated for “Pick Your Own” farms and “Clientele Membership Clubs” that allowed folks to form deeper connections to farms, whilst providing farmers with a guaranteed market. The Clientele Membership Club formed the basis for the CSA we know today.

CSAs take many different forms; the key point is that CSA members (or shareholders) buy into the farm, paying a predetermined price (often paid out at the beginning of the season). In return, they receive regular boxes (or shares) of farm produce and opportunities to connect to the farmers and other members. This allows farmers to predict income for the year and plan more efficiently. Furthermore, it creates a community of people with buy-in into the farm, where we all share in the risks and rewards of the farm season. 

What it means to us is that we get to experience the joy of sharing our love of the land and the privilege of our land access with the community, creating regular touchpoints that allow us to build relationships, feed people, support our passions, and continue the land stewardship we hold so dearly.

Questions? Contact us at

We are not able to accept any additional members at this time. Please check back with us next year!

Produce CSA: Our Farm

Details of Virsylvia Produce CSA

Our names are Michael, Leah & Katie, and we are your Virsylvia Produce Farmers! We, Michael & Leah, recently moved to Questa from Chimayó, where we ran our first 7-member CSA program. We are so excited to continue to grow at our Chimayó garden and provide food for our amazing Chimayó CSA members whilst growing and providing for Questa! Katie just moved to Española from Chimayó, and continues to manage Khalsa Family Farms whilst helping with the Chimayó garden and CSA. Thanks, Katie! 

All in all, we manage one garden in Chimayó at an altitude of 6300 feet and two gardens in the Sunshine Valley at ~7700 feet. These diverse microclimates allow us to grow chilis for Questa, and broccoli for Chimayó! And it allows us to stay in touch with a community we already love whilst deepening our relationships with a community we are excited to get to know. 

We have two options for CSA membership:

  • Questa CSA Full Share: $420 for 14 full boxes (7-10 items)​​

  • Questa CSA Half Share: $280 for 14 half boxes (4-7 items)

We are not currently taking any new members for our Chimayó CSA

About Questa CSA Memberships:

  • Pick-ups will run June 25 - October 15

  • Pick up will be every Saturday 4-6PM at Virsylvia Farm & Market @ 3204 NM-522, Questa, NM - exact schedule can be seen at this link.

  • You can pay up front, which is helpful for the farmers, or you can pay as you go.

  • What Questa CSA Members receive:

    • 14 boxes over the course of the season, chock full of delicious, locally grown produce. Each full box contains 7-10 items and averages a $30 value. Each half box contains 4-7 items and averages a $20 value. Learn more about "What's in the box" at this link.

    • Each box comes with a handmade, artistically crafted “CSA Digest,” which is a super fun zine that includes what produce is in your box, stories from the farm, fun facts, and a couple recipes for that week’s produce. 

    • Amazing add-on items available for purchase throughout the season (including eggs, dairy, meat, flowers, and more). Information for add-on ordering will be sent in the weekly email. 

    • Private after-hours access to the Virsylvia Farm & Market, where you will be picking up your produce. Your heart will delight in the additional purchase options at the store, which includes locally roasted coffee, eggs, meat, dairy, tea, tinctures, herbs, and so much more. 

    • A weekly email including everything you need to know about the farm, upcoming box pick-ups, produce availability, add-on options, and more!

    • An artistically crafted “CSA Member Handbook” that will give you every single detail about participating in our CSA experience! These will be posted online in the coming months, and sent to you 3 weeks before the CSA begins.

Questions? Contact

We are not able to accept any additional members at this time. Please check back with us next year!

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