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Our goats.
Our dairy goats are exclusively Nigerian Dwarf Goats (NDG). They produce a smaller amount of milk than larger dairy breeds, but the milk is richer and sweeter than other goat milk due to a higher butterfat content. It can be used for a variety of cheeses and even butter and cream! We hope to someday offer butter and cream in the shop, but are currently at capacity between cheese sales and milk shares. If you want to make your own butter, NDG (unlike other goat breeds) milk will separate naturally, and you can scoop your own cream for personal use.

What to expect.

We strive to provide the healthiest products possible to you! We also hope that through our farm we can support other local producers. We are not certified organic because many local producers cannot go through the certification process themselves. We always look for the highest quality alfalfa and other feed that is spray-free, organic, and sustainably produced in order to support healthy land management practices at the local level. Feel free to let us know if you have any questions!

To learn more about how the milk share program works and/or to view the farmer/shareholder agreement, download the document below.

Goat Milk Share: Our Farm
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