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We are in love with the earth. As such, we are constantly learning about and practicing regenerative land management that fosters soil health, biodiversity and human health. We cover crop, rotate crops, create and apply compost, do low to no-tillage, and grow a vast diversity of plants in order to encourage a healthy ecosystem of plants, animals, microbes and people! We are not certified organic, but we do follow organic principles: we don’t apply synthetic chemicals (we love spreading lady bugs and pest deterrent plants!), we buy organic seed whenever possible, and we manage for soil health. 

Much of our land stewardship is based on practices and principles that are, at their root, Indigenous practices. We want to give credit where credit is due, and recognize the complexity of learning from Indigenous practices whilst not appropriating those practices nor claiming them as our own. 

Working with the earth reminds us that we are part of a vast web. We are part of nature, embedded in a diverse ecosystem. It is an endless learning journey, and we’re grateful to be on it. 

Growing practices: Our Farm
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