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Our fiber is lovingly collected from our flocks and herds of fiber animals. From our Huacaya alpacas, to our Icelandic sheep, to our Angora and Cashmere goats, our fiber crew provides high quality--and award-winning--wool and mohair. It takes a team to raise our fiber here at the farm.

Once it's shearing time, we bring in an expert shearer to ensure the fleece and blankets are of the highest quality. This is also a better experience for our animals, and they are pretty calm being in the care of very practiced hands.

Next we wash and card the fiber before taking it to a local spinning mill. The Mora Valley Spinning Mill is one of the oldest mills west of the Mississippi, and has been a cornerstone of the longstanding fiber traditions of northern New Mexico. As a nonprofit, they operate to do incredibly community building and economic development work in the region. They spin our fleece into the beautiful yarn you can get online or in our shop. We have some yarn for weaving, and some more suited for crocheting and knitting, as well as roving.

But wait, our process doesn't end there. While we love the natural colors that come from our animals' natural fibers, and those are definitely available, we are also excited to work with Liz at Pyramid Dyeworks. Liz is a master dyer, specializing in naturally dyed yarns. Liz takes our yarn and uses local, native plants to transform our natural grey and white yarns into stunning colors of gold, green, blue, red, and more! Each skein is hand-dyed, and uses reagents that are safe for humans and environment alike. Her work is phenomenal, and we really encourage folks to check out more of her information at the links below!

As you can see, it really does take a team. And it is so much fun to watch our single-farm yarn be touched by so many hands to create a beautiful product that brings a smile to people's faces. If you have questions about our yarn, our animals, or the amazing people we work with, just ask!

Yarns and Fiber: Our Farm
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